Weight Loss

With two thirds of American adults now overweight, the obesity epidemic is becoming more and more of a concern when it comes to our nation’s public health. Even in an active town like Austin, many people find themselves struggling with their weight. If you’re one of them, the professionals at Weight Loss in Austin are here to help you overcome your weight issues and move on to a happier, healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family.

The health risks associated with obesity are very real. Studies show that 80 percent of Americans who have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and 70 percent of those facing heart disease are overweight. Regardless of medical advances, increased access to fitness facilities, and more of a public focus on healthy lifestyle choices, Americans continue to struggle with their weight, and the related risk factors that are associated with that. Getting and staying fit and healthy is just a lot easier said than done.

Your Body Wants to Be Healthy – So Let It!

You’ve probably heard it a million times – you are what you eat. That’s true, but a healthy body requires more than just a healthy diet – it also requires physical activity, a proper amount of rest and a positive mindset to reach its peak. Supply your body with all of these ingredients,, and it will supply you with energy, health and balance.

Individual Solutions for Real Individuals

At Weight Loss in Austin, we understand that every person is different. Every BODY is different. The diet or exercise program that has worked for someone else won’t necessarily work for you. That’s why we provide tailored, individual solutions for every client. We will get to know you and your body, and help you understand what the right choices are for your particular personality and physical makeup.

This isn’t your average cookie-cutter weight loss program. This is an individualized, often multi-pronged program that is developed around your particular weight loss goals, medical history and more. And we won’t try to confuse you, either. We’ll keep you in the loop and make it all as easy for you as possible.

Helping You Find Health

At Weight Loss in Austin, we are dedicated professionals whose life work is centered around helping those in need – people just like you. We provide motivation, encouragement and support throughout the process. You will never feel shamed or put down with us – we want to empower you, not tear you down. We want to help you reach your goals and, once you’ve reached them, we want to help you maintain them.

We know how hard it can be to take those first steps toward a healthier life. Give us the reins and we can help you take the first, next and last steps to a happier, healthier, more confident you.